From 2017 we have been traveling through Ecuador in search of farming communities, conservation projects and worthwhile causes to support. 

The people we have come across, their passions and struggles, have been our biggest motivators. Everyone we work with have have their own story to tell. Whether its the family who have dedicated their lives to reforestation of Palo Santo, the association of 13 Kichwa communities who are devoted to conserving ancestral varieties of cacao, or the midwives who tirelessly work to keep their traditions alive - all our partners are fully committed to doing things in the right way.

Through your support, The Ayni Way (CONNECT TO THE SOURCE LTD) is giving back 50% of its profits to community causes. Our costs are low and expect to be in the profit zone within the first year of operating - our accounts will be fully transparent.  

For those who want to contribute without purchasing a product, you can donate an amount of your choice at the bottom of this page. 100% (minus transaction fees) of your donation will go directly to the cause at the end of every month.

We will be providing our subscribers with regular updates on how the funds are being put to good use.