“What is The Ayni Way?”

The Ayni Way is a platform to sell ethically sourced natural products made by small holder farming communities, and to raise funds for community causes.


“Is everything you sell produced sustainably and ethically?”

Everything The Ayni Way offers is made with close attention to environmental impact, sustainability and fair trade. 


“How do you source your raw materials?”

The Ayni Way strives to generate awareness of local trade and always seek ethical suppliers to collaborate with. We go to the remotest areas of South America to directly meet with the communities/associations involved in farming/making our materials and see firsthand how everything is processed. This allows us to get a better understanding of the raw materials, where they come from, how they are produced, and what potential labor and environmental issues might arise. We have a very strong commitment to the communities and areas from which we buy our materials.


“Where does the money from sales go?"

It goes into a joint bank account linked to UK based company 'CONNECT TO THE SOURCE LTD', which reimburses costs for production. Once we are in the profit zone, we get to do good stuff with the money, and pledge to give 50% of our profits to worthwhile causes - our accounts will be fully transparent. We will be documenting our progress on our website and social media channels, so stay tuned!!