Healing Humanity by Awakening the Heart with Cacao

“As more of humanity practices heart-based living, it will qualify ‘the rite of passage’ into the next level of consciousness. Using our hearts intuitive guidance will become more common-sense based on practice intelligence” Doc Childre, Founder of Heart Math 

The majority of us know what it feels like to be in a state of harmony and flow, where our hearts and minds are working together, and there is a genuine human connection with others. We naturally Love this state of synergy, but most of the time this happens by chance rather than intention. How empowering would it be for you to Know that it’s possible to produce this flow on demand, in our day to day interactions, projects and challenges?

It has been demonstrated that when we shift into a coherent state the heart and brain operate synergistically, like two systems channelled into one. We all have the ability to learn how to activate and sustain this synergy and prevent stress producing patterns, along with increasing mental clarity and discernment capacity. By doing this we create solutions for personal, social and worldwide challenges, providing us with more intuitive access and flow. 

Our energetic, or spiritual, heart is an access point for our inherent inner technology. The hearts intuitive intelligence, which can elevate the way we communicate, along with our decisions and choices, to a much higher level of effectiveness. Where people hold genuine core heart feelings, such as appreciation or compassion, it naturally increases their heart coherence. 

The term energetics is used to refer to the systems that we cannot see or touch -our thoughts, emotions and intuitions fall into this category. Triggers that come from our heart and mind are energetic sources that underline our thoughts and emotions. They are primary drivers of our biological systems and have powerful influences over our behaviors, choices and results. The intuitive energetic heart is what people have associated with their inner voice throughout history. From our perspective the energetic heart communicates a steady stream of intuitive information between the mind and brain. In most cases we only use a small percentage of this because our ego choices overrides the intuitive suggestion. 

The level of access to the hearts intuitive suggestion differs between people, but we all have it. As we learn to slow down our mind and attune into our deeper heart feelings, our natural intuitive connection can occur. Intuition is like energetic gold. Intuitive insights often reveal more of an understanding of ourselves, others, issues and life - years (if not lifetimes) of accumulated knowledge. This is why the state of coherence is rapidly gaining interest. In this state more and moire people are reporting increased access to their hearts intuitive guidance, realising whats within them. With a little bit of practice it’s easier to access than what they thought.

When an individual is in heart coherence, the heart sends information to the electro magnetic energy field that harmonizes the unseen communication between people, animals and the environment. A growing body of scientists are gathering evidence to suggest when there is group coherence it elevates the chances of outcomes that in turn benefits the All. When participants are in sync, they are communicating on an unseen energetic level. Our personal coherence benefits everyone and everything around us - we are all connected. Within the scientific community it is generally agreed that there is a feedback loop that connects all living things, and consciousness, to the earths energetic systems. Therefore, collective intention, and cooperation, manifests our human experience.

Drinking ceremonial grade cacao facilitates our connection, and collaboration, that benefits the All - especially when we participate in activities like ceremony or group meditation. This movement of using ceremonial grade cacao to heal is essentially raising the collective opening of the heart, which is a major step towards increasing the harmonization between All that is.   


Supporting articles:

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Healing Humanity by Awakening the Heart with Cacao