Patrick - Otorongo


After spending a year exploring communities in Colombia and Peru, Patrick decided to focus on developing a project of his own. Throughout his journey he had many inspirations , but one of his most profound experiences was in the jungle. Being surrounded in total harmony with nature, trees everywhere, and the intense orchestral sounds of Amazonian animals, insects and birds. His wish was for everyone to be able to witness such immense beauty.


When Patrick came back to Poland, he was motivated to create something that would offer a glimpse into what he had experienced, and that was how Otorongo was born. It's a vegan/vegetarian restaurant inspired by the jungle, with lots of plants, ethno art and instruments. The intention of this project is to create space where ideas can be exchanged between those who want to contribute to the betterment of mankind. Otorongo also offers space to host exhibitions, workshops and other events to those that share common values.


What matters most to Patrick is reminding people of all the beauty they have within, highlighting our most precious potentials, and how we can all collaborate in order to grow wiser and stronger towards a more conscious life.


Patrick distributes our products throughout Poland. We also collaborate on facilitating cacao ceremonies and, of course, you can find all of our products at his amazing Warsaw based restaurant.


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