Lisa & Christine - Luna Cacao

Luna Cacao is a mother and daughter project who are exploring the beautiful plant medicine Cacao together. Their intention is to open up Swedish hearts with the energy of cacao. They started holding space with cacao after spending time and learning from the Mayan Elders in Guatemala - with the blessing of the mayan medicine woman Nana Marina.

They now conduct cacao ceremonies all over Sweden and provide cacao to whomever feels called to deepen their relationship with this beautiful plant. They initially started their practice with Guatemalan Cacao that holds a grounded energy and encourages you to rest your roots and connect to the ancestral wisdom preserved in the earth. Due to its grounded qualities they have named their Guatemalan cacao - Mother Earth. 

Since trying Cacao from The Ayni Way they have noticed an energetic difference that compliments their initial offering. Ayni's Arriba Nacional Cacao from the Ecuadorian Amazon is made by indigenous and mestizo farming communities. This cacao is ceremonially handled by 13 Kichwa families with the intention to preserve the connection to their ancestors. Energetically this cacao opens up the pathway between our heart and our third eye, therefore they have named our cacao - Father Sky.

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