2020 Vision - A shift towards heart-based living

“We’re not taught about our personal relationship to power. We’re not taught about our relationship to the Great Spirit. Recognizing power is what you have to do. When you recognize it, you exercise it. You can’t take back what they have already taken but you can stop the taking of your power, once you recognize it. Responsibility is the way to fulfillment, when one recognizes and exercises their responsibility, this is how one is to be free. It’s a way of reconnecting with power for us as humans.” John Trudell

I’m sure many of you out there are feeling the intense energies coming from the cosmos. From now until the end of the year Mars is in its home sign of Aries. This brings clarity - but, with an impatient desire for action, divisive tensions are set to increase. 

Babylon strengthens its structure by working with these energies, typically through divide and conquer strategies. The deception being fed to us targets our emotions and ego. Our energy is seen as food by those who profit from keeping us divided. The veil, though, is thinning and we are becoming more aware of how our conditioned beliefs have kept us from seeing Truth - belief is the enemy of Knowing. This means that we are almost ready to break free from the spell that has held us back from accessing our true potential.

2020 is a year where we are at a major crossroad in the cosmic cycle. Our actions, and non-actions, in the coming months will determine how humanity moves forward. It’s now time for us to unite with our brothers and sisters, help each other heal, and err on the side of individual freedom. Let us, as sovereign beings, be the ones to determine what the “new normal” is going to look like, while remembering that Nature is able to provide Everything we need. 

So what to do? We regain our power by letting go of programmed fear, which keeps us divided and attached to that what harvests our energy. To conquer our fears we must open our Hearts and align with universal Love. Fear is the absence of Love, so it Really is the only way. This is a spiritual war where Heart centred connection with others and nature has never been more important. Critical, in fact, for our survival!

The Divine Spark is within us All. It is our choice, both on an individual and collective level, to Nurture or neglect it. Now is the time to make that decision...

...and remember, keep your cup full while letting everyone else drink from the saucer. Your own Spark needs to shine Bright in order to help others through this process.    

Drinking ceremonial grade Cacao helps us connect with Heart energy. There is no coincidence that the spirit of Cacao is calling us during this intense time. 



2020 Vision - A shift towards heart-based living