By The Ayni Way


Tawa means "five" in Quechua. What’s in the box?

Aya Pendant with brass/copper bale
Palo Santo & Beeswax Balm


Ayahuasca is a vine that has been used as a key to the doorways to the soul for many generations’ indigenous cultures in South America. We believe this and other plant medicine are tools to help steer us towards the freedom of humanity.

When you purchase this Aya pendant you are not only buying a beautiful piece of jewellery, you are receiving a symbol of your belief in a hopeful future. One in where we all live together on this good earth as a unified community in peace and harmony.

For information on our ethics and harvesting process, please visit our FAQ page: https://theayniway.com/pages/faqs


Pendant Care:

This All Natural Aya pendant comes with a Palo Santo & Beeswax Balm. Apply a small amount on your finger and massage into the vine. Keep pendant dry at all times.

Pendant code: AN00022

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