By The Ayni Way


Llipt’a – Water Reed Handwoven Basket. Llipt’a means “base” in Quechua.

These unique water reed baskets are designed and handwoven in Otavalo. The reed itself comes from an indigenous community that lives close to the nearby San Pablo lake. Extremely lightweight, durable and designed by The Ayni Way’s resident artisans. Perfect for picnics and general shopping around.

Amazonian seed used for button. Leather used for details is sourced from communities in the Imbabura province of Ecuador.

The basket has an oval/rectangle base with a length of 33cm, 16cm in width and a height of 32cm.

Double strap with a wool/cotton mix and Andean earth/blue coloured pattern. 80cm in length and width of 6cm.

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