100% Pure Palo Santo Oil

By theayniway


Palo Santo oil carries many spiritual and healing properties. Related to sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh its scent has sweet, woody tones with hints of citrus and mint. Medicinally Palo Santo is used to prevent oxidative stress, lower your cancer risk, strengthen the immune system, eliminate inflammation, reduce stress levels, treat chronic pain, soothe nerve disorders, heal the skin and ease feelings of depression. 

This oil is steam distilled, with no chemicals added, by stewards of “Proyecto de Palo Santo” a reforestation project based in the dry forests near the Ecuadorian coastal town of Puerto Lopez. Only branches that have fallen naturally are used, as a result no tree has been cut down. A percentage of each sale of our Palo Santo range goes directly to replanting (60,000 trees since the start of the project), as well as many worthwhile community causes.


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