Artisan Daniel Noriega


Meet one of The Ayni Way’s resident artisans, Daniel Noriega, from Vilcabamba, Ecuador. His vision and ethics are completely in sync with ours, making paper from sustainable materials such as Manila Hemp, Cabuya, Plantain and Ceibo cotton, to name a few. We are super lucky to have the Manila Hemp inserts, for our Palo Santo and Ayahuasca box sets, handmade by him. 

His small workshop has also churned out some beautiful pieces of art and furniture, but is now in need of an upgrade. Due to the heavy rainy seasons Daniels paper has a high risk of rotting. To maintain a high quality product, with little waste, he could do with some of our support through his Go Fund Me page - we invite you to help make this happen by giving this video a Like and Share, and of course feel free to leave your own contribution.

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Interview and video by Gabriel Cucalon - Gracias hermano x

Artisan Daniel Noriega